Self Sabotage – You Stopping You


I have one friend that always seems to be starting new goals and worrying about the next great thing.  However he never seems to ever accomplish any of them.  Something always happens or it just dies out.  Many people have a problem following through with their goals.  One of the most common causes is — brace yourself — OURSELVES!  

Why do so many people fail to achieve their dreams or that next big thing that is important to them.  In fact, many of them never even start it.  Below we talk about five common reasons people fail to achieve.


Consider a Part Time Job – 5 Reasons Why


Need a little extra money?  Want to bring a little more excitement back into your life?  Then consider doing what I do and start something on the side.  Below we talk about 5 reasons to consider using a part-time job or business as part of Life Design.  


Want A Better Life? – Get a Budget

How can you have more jobs to choose from?  Less stress in your life?  Better relationships with your spouse and family?  An ability to  capitalize on great opportunities when they appear?  A sense of peace and calmness?  The answer may surprise you.  Setting up a budget and living within it allows you to experience the benefits listed above.


DISC Asessment – What Motivates You


DISC is a commonly used tool to determine what a persons motivational behavior is by answering a set of questions.   Then you are rated in the four areas of DISC (defined below) usually in a quadrant format.


Life Balance – First You Need A Blueprint


Most people waste their time trying to change parts of their life without ever understanding how the whole picture fits togather. The Wheel of Life is a tool that is used map out where you are now in life and also where you want to be.

The Wheel of Life identifies eight areas of your life and maps them onto a wheel. You than plot how satisfied you are with each area of your life from a scale of zero to ten as points on the graph. With zero being the lowest and ten being the highest. Then you connect your points and together which usually creates an irregular circle. Then take do the same exercise again on the same graph in a different colored pen and rate the importance of each area to you personally. Then compare where there are gaps and these are the areas you need to work on.

Here is some help explaining the eight areas depicted on the chart.


More Money – NO THANKS – 5 Reasons To Say No


 Princeton just released a study that talked about how after we reach a certain amount of money ($75,000) more money does not make us any more happy.   So how does this relate to us as we seek to design our dream job and life.   Well consider these 5 reasons to say no to a job that  pays more than your happiness limit.

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